About us

The Wisteria Family

Wisteria Tours is a uniquely family firm and we regard our customers as our travelling companions. We all share a love of visiting gorgeous gardens and stunning locations combined with travelling in style and staying in elegant hotels.

We hand-pick our destinations and design each tour to accentuate the highlights of every delightful garden and special place and then join you on the journey to answer all your individual questions. Whether you are a new or returning customer, coming with friends or travelling on your own, we make sure you feel looked-after and welcome.

The roots of our business stem back to 2006 when our mother, Jackie Crick, set up her own travel business, Gardeners’ Delight, out of her passion for visiting beautiful gardens. Her hobby grew into a coach tour business offering customers the chance to share her love of enchanting destinations.

Daughter Jacky Burnell joined the business after returning to Shropshire following a career in South America and in 2014 sister Sue also came on board the family firm.

We launched Wisteria Tours in 2016 encapsulating our mother’s lovingly-designed tours and attention to detail in a wider range of UK destinations but still retaining the unique hand-crafted charm of Gardeners’ Delight. Our mother, Jackie, is still involved in organising the delightful range of Wisteria Tours day trips and helping in the office.

We like to think our tours are unique drawing on the personal service that only a small family business can offer.

Meet the team

Jacky Burnell

Jacky spent 15 years living in South America where she was president of the Pour Les Enfant children’s charity. She returned to Shropshire in 2007 and completed a degree, became a school governor and led community projects bringing school children and older people together through gardening. As her mother became ever busier with Gardeners’ Delight, she joined the firm to work alongside her. She is a mum with two teenage children.

 Sue Burnell

Sue returned to Shropshire from Surrey in 2014 to be nearer her family after many years running a consulting practice with her husband Kev. She longed to spend more time in beautiful gardens and less in client offices, trains or planes. So when their son left home Sue saw the chance to launch herself into a new venture – Wisteria Tours.

Jackie Crick

Jackie is a retired lecturer from the University of Wolverhampton, a JP as well as a mother of five and grandmother of nine. She set up Gardeners’ Delight in 2006 after “retiring” and now helps with Wisteria Tours, organising the company’s day trip schedule and generally putting her expertise and knowledge to good use within the business.