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About us

About us

First there was Gardener’s Delight:

Over 15 years ago Jackie Crick moved to Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury and one year later established Gardeners’ Delight to take discerning garden enthusiasts to some of the UK’s most beautiful locations. A retired lecturer from the University of Wolverhampton, JP, mother of 5 and grandmother of 9, although clearly very busy, she decided ‘retirement’ was the time to fulfill a long-held ambition. And so Gardeners’ Delight was born!

As word spread about Jackie’s lovingly-designed tours and her reputation for going that extra mile for her customers – who incidentally kept coming back for more and brought friends and relatives too,  as well as lots of ideas about where they would like to go next – her daughter, Jacky Burnell, joined the team.

In 2016 Jackie (Mum) decided she’d like to spend more time in her own and other people’s gardens and less time in the office. With that in mind, Jacky and Sue, (another daughter) agreed to take on her overnight tour programme, leaving her free to focus on her fabulous day trips.

Then came Wisteria Tours!

We run short tours and we are virtually Gardeners’ Delight by another name. Wisteria Tours pays the same attention to detail, has the same concern for customers and a passion for seeking out wonderful destinations throughout the UK.

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Our customers appreciate similar things

A love of visiting other people’s gardens and travelling in comfort to stunning locations throughout the UK. Further, they want to feel welcome, stay at lovely hotels and of course, to eat well.

Throughout the year we seek out enchanting destinations to bring you the UK’s most delightful gardens and special places. Whether you are a new or a returning customer, coming with friends or travelling on your own, we understand how important it is to feel looked-after and welcome. We therefore personally oversee every element of the tour.

Travelling with award winning, luxury coach operator, Lakeside of Ellesmere, we will welcome you on-board at your selected pick-up point. Further, we supervise check-in at our specially selected 4* hotels to make your arrival and departure fast and simple.

Finally, we are with the tour throughout the holiday to make sure you get the best experience at each destination. All you have to do is relax and enjoy a wonderful escape from daily life!

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